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Being stuck in a property chain can be one of the most frustrating experiences when moving home. O’Malley Property is here to help by offering a part exchange option with Cameron Investments.

If you’re a buyer, Part Exchange will allow you to sell your property quickly and efficiently to allow you to secure your next home.

If you’re a seller, Part Exchange will increase interest in your property since you’ll not just be restricted to buyers who have already sold their home.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions below to cover the basics. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss this further with one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Part Exchange work if I’m a buyer?

Firstly we’ll refer you to Cameron Investments which operates independently from O’Malley Property. Should your property meet the buying criteria then you’ll receive a guaranteed offer. Allowing you to proceed to make an offer on another property.

How does Part Exchange work if I’m a seller?

If you are selling your property you can make it significantly more attractive to buyers who have yet to sell their own property. When buyers are keen to purchase your property they are more likely to offer when they have a guaranteed offer on their own property. This helps generate the optimal amount of interest in your property.

What will the entry date be?

In most cases the entry date for a property under the Part Exchange service will be tailored to suit your circumstances.

Will Part Exchange work for me?

Our Part Exchange service can work for a variety of people in a variety of different situations; when you are thinking about selling your property, you may be worried about the time it could take to sell, you may need to sell your property but cannot afford the refurbishment cost involved in preparing it for the market, you may also have viewed another property you wish to make an offer on but have not started the process of selling your own property. All of these scenarios and many more are where Cameron Investments can bridge the gap between you and your next home.

However, we have found that the most important consideration for some people is the “Value Gap” from your property to the next. Every Part Exchange situation is entirely different and to achieve the desired “Value Gap”, it would involve some flexibility between the buyer, seller and Cameron Investments.

Cameron Investments would need to undertake a possibly time-consuming process to value your property, review your current situation, buying criteria and assess your needs to allow you to buy your next home, therefore, it is not as simple as saying Cameron Investments can offer “X” amount for your property.

By Completing our online form, it will help both O’Malley Property and Cameron Investments to work together and assess your eligibility for our Part Exchange Service. We will look to structure a solution and a successful transaction for all parties involved.

What is the “Value Gap”?

The Value Gap is the difference between the value you achieve by selling your property and the price you pay for your new home. For example, if your property was valued at £150k and you achieved full asking price, and the property you are looking to buy was valued at £200k, the Value Gap would be £50k (£200k – £150k) assuming you paid the full asking price.

Say you achieve £140k for your property through selling it to Cameron Investments. If the seller of your new home agrees to do the same then you would pay £190k due to your strong position and guaranteed offer. Then the Value Gap is the same, £50k (£190k – £140k).

These figures above are for illustration purposes only and do not necessarily represent what you may or may not be offered for your property.

Why aren’t all Estate Agents offering Part Exchange?

It usually comes down to money. Cameron Investments has a large portfolio of investors and partners who are continuously on the lookout for real estate investments. Additionally a solid local property knowledge is essential, and Cameron Investments along with O’Malley Property have been leading the way in real estate in the central belt for over 10 years.

Do you need to view my property before making an offer?

Usually Cameron Investments will need to view your property before an offer is made. An estimate can be made however without a physical visit, a guaranteed offer cannot be made.

Cameron Investments and O’Malley Property will always work diligently to achieve the desired “Value Gap” for both the buyer and the seller. Many of our sellers have switched from other agents unable to sell their property and O’Malley Property have been able to secure an offer within a matter of weeks using Cameron Investments and our chain-breaking Part Exchange Service.

What will the offer be based upon?

Offers made by Cameron Investments will be based upon condition, valuation, size and location—much like any property offer. It should be understood however that the offer is based upon an investment and is unlikely to meet full market value. This is where the “Value Gap” comes into play, and Cameron Investments will work with you to help keep this in proportion. You should always seek independent advice and valuation so you know what your property is worth.

Will any property be eligible for Part Exchange?

Not all properties are eligible for Part Exchange. Cameron Investments has a set of buying criteria. Structural defects; your area isn’t suitable; there is a problem with mortgage suitability, are all potential reasons for your property not fulfilling the buying criteria.

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Cameron Investments is a sister company that operates independently from O’Malley Property. As a seller you should always seek independent legal advice before accepting any offers for your property.