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November 2023

Stirling Property POV

Despite the seasonal challenges that November typically presents to the property market, the current real estate landscape in Central Scotland remains quite favourable. While the market may encounter some headwinds due to the time of year, it also offers unique advantages for sellers. With the holidays approaching, prospective buyers often show heightened enthusiasm, seeking to settle into new homes before the year’s end.

This increased demand, coupled with the ongoing limited housing supply, can result in competitive bidding and potentially higher selling prices for those willing to list their properties in November.

Moreover, the atmosphere of holiday festivities and decorations can make homes appear more inviting, adding a touch of warmth that appeals to potential buyers, creating a unique selling opportunity in the face of seasonal challenges.

By pricing properties competitively and presenting them effectively, homeowners can take advantage of this opportune moment to make a successful sale and capitalise on the ongoing strength in the market.

Stirling Rental Market

The Scottish rental housing market is currently experiencing unprecedented demand, leading to soaring monthly rents and making it an opportune time for landlords. Properties on the market are witnessing an overwhelming response, with an average of around 20 applications for each listing. This competitive environment has provided landlords with the advantage of selecting tenants that best fit their property, ultimately ensuring a steady rental income stream.

On the flip side, amidst the housing boom, a new set of challenges has emerged. The rising cost of living and the ongoing energy crisis are causing concerns for tenants who may find it increasingly difficult to meet the financial demands of high rents. While landlords may be tempted to demand top-tier rents, they must strike a balance between maximising their earnings and ensuring tenant retention. Setting excessively high rents can result in arrears, which, in turn, may lead to high tenant turnover rates, ultimately reducing landlords’ annual income.

In this dynamic market, landlords and tenants alike are navigating a landscape that offers both opportunities and challenges. Striking a balance between competitive rents and tenant affordability will be crucial to ensuring a stable and profitable rental property business.

Average price is£213,588

in Stirling and Alloa

Average rent is£795 pcm

in Stirling and Alloa

Most in demand is3 bed end terrace

or semi-detached under £200k

November Highlights

Four Bedroom, Detached House

An exquisite four-bedroom, detached house nestled in the serene and sought-after neighbourhood of Tern Crescent, Alloa, boasting a generous floor plan, with ample space for both family gatherings and quiet moments of relaxation. The well-proportioned living areas are bathed in natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Inviting Semi in Charming Community

Nestled in the charming and sought-after community of Rhodders Grove in Alva, this inviting three-bedroom semi-detached house offers the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and modern living. With a host of desirable features, this property presents an excellent opportunity for families, first-time homebuyers, or those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Success Story

This stunning four-bedroom detached house went to a closing date and was sold within just 10 days for 14% above market value.

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