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Get moving today

Seasonal Advice & Autumn Property – A Golden Opportunity for Sellers

Autumn Leaves

The Scottish property market, like many others, experiences fluctuations throughout the year. These seasonal variations can significantly impact the buying and selling process, offering unique advantages to both parties involved. In addition, the market caters to diverse buyer and seller profiles, from traditional first time buyers, to experienced home sellers and investors in buy-to-let properties […]

September 2023

In August, we observed an increasing number of properties in Central Scotland staying on the market for longer than usual. This trend can be primarily attributed to properties being overvalued when listed. Poor valuations often neglect to account for the slower pace of inflation, necessitating a recalibration when determining property values.

Unveiling the Distinction between Estate Agents and Surveyors

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When it comes to the intricate world of real estate transactions in Scotland, it’s essential to understand the roles of various professionals involved in the process. For first time buyers, or even those who’ve been there before, knowing who to contact for the different parts of the process can be confusing. Among these professionals, estate […]

August 2023

This doesn’t mean that it’s all doom and gloom though. The rental market is still strong, and flats and properties in popular locations are moving quickly. While reduced demand for houses will lead to falling prices, this could benefit those wanting to sell a house and buy another, especially if they are able to access […]

11 Questions To Ask An Estate Agent Before You Sell Your House

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Perhaps the most important piece of advice we can offer when it comes to working with an estate agent to sell your house is that you need to ask questions – lots and lots of questions. And when you think you’ve asked all the questions you need to ask, take a moment to think up a […]

July 2023

Smaller properties with a good EPC rating tend to move quickly as we see demand outstrip supply. This is having a positive effect on property prices, which remain strong within this category. We have also seen a large increase in demand for 3 bedroom semi-detached or end-terraced houses mainly due to the cost of living […]

Simple Guide To Selling Your House

Simple Guide To Selling Your House

In this article we’re doing our best to clarify the complex process of selling your house by breaking it down into smaller, manageable steps, and providing real examples of what our experts in Stirling and Alloa can do to help with each of these steps. Find An Estate Agent We’ve previously written an entire blog […]

How To Choose The Right Estate Agent

How To Choose The Right Estate Agent

If selling your house is one of the most stressful events that life can throw at you, then choosing the people who are going help you through that process deserves serious thought and consideration. In the vast majority of cases, you will appoint an estate agent to help you sell your house and a solicitor […]